Wayne Watson Construction Ltd. has had a working relationship with Alcan in Kitimat since 1986. We have handled projects ranging from earthwork and pipelines to concrete work.

The purpose of the Liquid Pitch project is to heat up the product to the point of liquefying the solids. The project involved the relocation of existing piping, excavation for new foundation and the installation of the foundation. The project was started behind schedule, but was quickly picked up by our efforts. From the start of the project to pouring of the walls took 14 days of working around the clock. This project was well suited for our needs since we used our own equipment to complete the work. The remainder of the work was relaxed since the concrete pilasters were poured and could be given time to cure prior to the arrival of the structural steel.
The size of the project was 2.3 million dollars and completed in 1998. The scope of our work also included the construction of the tank farm which stores the liquefied pitch.
The following illustrations are the excavation, footing, forming and the pre-steel installation photographs for the pump house.

Kemano is located on the west coast of British Columbia. This community exists for the purpose of servicing the powerhouse for Alcan. Access to the area is by boat or helicopter. Wayne Watson Construction Ltd. started to work in the area once KCP was initiated and continued to work in the area even after the project was terminated. Various projects involving work in the powerhouse and servicing the community were completed during the last decade.
Pioneer Camp $730,000.00
C007 Seekwyakin $2,950,000.00
Mall Clinic $440,000.00
Power Dist. 25KVA $1,145,000.00
Bridge Sills $143,000.00
S033 Supply & Service $9,340,000.00
Horetzky Camp $2,667,000.00
K.C.P. Maintenance $4,000,000.00
Townsite Substation $395,000.00
Wastewater Treatment $992,000.00
Townsite Water Treatment $490,000.00
Power House HVAC $907,000.00
Kemano Watermain $225,000.00

Telkwa Transfer Station

Construction Completed in 1998.
Smithers, BC.


Salt Unloading Building in Prince George.
Construction completed in November 2008.