Westgate Buildings

Three Buildings on mall property in Prince George. Construction started in spring of 2007, and is scheduled for completion in spring of 2008. Total 50,000 sq ft. CONSTRUCTION COST $6,493,400.

Pine Centre Mall

Construction of three buildings at Pine Centre Mall in Prince George. Completed in summer of 2007. CONSTRUCTION COST $5,800,000. Total 28,000 sq ft.


RENOVATION OF THE SAFEWAY STORES: PRINCE RUPERT, BRITISH COLUMBIA CONSTRUCTION COSTS $2,900,000 This project entailed completing more than $2.9 million dollars worth of renovations and upgrades to a 40,000 sq.ft. store in a 7 week period while keeping it open to the public and fully operational. To say this was a formidable challenge, would be an understatement. In order to complete this substantial value of work in only 7 weeks, it was necessary to run the job 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with most of the work on the sales floor taking place during the night shifts. Each night after the store was closed to the public, all of the merchandise needed to be covered to keep it clean, and each morning prior to store opening, protection was removed and the store was given a through cleaning. The deli and the floral departments were temporarily relocated while their permanent locations were hoarded off from the rest of the store, gutted, and completely rebuilt. These two areas were the focus of the work during the day shift as this work could continue while the store was open. The rest of the store was almost completely refit including new flooring, ceilings raised and painted, new lighting, new fixtures, painting or ceramic tile to virtually all walls and bulkheads, new signage all in accordance to the new “Lifestyles” theme that all Safeway stores are adopting. The new layouts dictated extensive changes to the elec/mech services running under the floor areas. This work also had to be done during night shifts with areas made accessible and safe for the public each day. The renovation also included repairs and repainting of the exterior stucco and roof cladding. This entailed progressively scaffolding, hoarding and heating the entire exterior of the building, a feat that became increasingly difficult considering that the Prince Rupert winds exceeded 100 km. per. Hr. several times during the process. The first day of work (night actually!) was Oct 29/06 and the schedule was met with the grand opening taking place during the day of Dec 16/06. SMITHERS, BRITISH COLUMBIA COMPLETED SEPTEMBER 2007. CONSTRUCTION COSTS $1,442,000

Westgate Site Work

Site work on mall property in Prince George. Construction started in fall of 2006, and was completed in 2007. CONSTRUCTION COST $1,550,000.

Pince Centre Mall Renovations

Pine Centre Mall Ceiling renovation in Prince George. Completed Summer 2009. CONSTRUCTION COST $718,200. Pine Centre Mall Canopy in Prince George. Construction started in November 2008, with expected completion Summer 2009. CONSTRUCTION COST $390,000.


Renovation and addition to the Overwaitea store in Prince Rupert British Columbia.